How do you get drafted to the WNBA?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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I think that women backetball player should get AS MUCH money as nba

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Q: How do you get drafted to the WNBA?
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How many years of college do you need to be drafted to the WNBA?

You have to graduate from college (4 yr degree) in order to be drafted into the WNBA

How many women go to the WNBA a year?

there are about 70 women who get drafted into the wnba a year.

Who was the first black womam draft in the NBA?

Women don't play in the NBA, they play in the WNBA. As for your question, the first black woman to be drafted into the WNBA was Dena Head, who was also the first woman ever to be drafted into the WNBA.

Was Maya Moore drafted in the 2010 WNBA Draft?

No, she was not. Maya Moore elected to stay for her senior season at Connecticut.

Who was the first women drafted by the NBA?

The only lady ever to play in the NBA is a lady named Jane Martin.

What year was Kim Perrot inducted into the WNBA Hall of Fame?

The WNBA did not induct her into the WNBA Hall of Fame

Who are the best Jewish basketball players?

The best basketball players that are Jewish are as follows:Omri Casspi (Drafted in 2009 by the Sacramento Kings; First Israelian player to play in NBA)Larry Brown (MVP of the first ABA all-star game; Olympic gold medalist)Sue Bird (WNBA player of Seattle Storm; 28th all-time in WNBA history in scoring; 2nd all-time in assists in WNBA history)

Who is Dallas' WNBA team?

there are no dallas wnba teams.

Where do a WNBA player work?

being in the wnba is their job

Does the WNBA have a D-league?

No the WNBA does not have a D-League.

What is the job outlook for the WNBA?

what is the job outlook in the wnba

Is the WNBA a real sport?

No. WNBA is a league - the sport is basketball.