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If you are really committed and really want to play pro, you need to move to a town that has a good and known Football (soccer) team. If you can't do this go onto and they show coaches and scouts and you could e-mail them and tell them about your skills. Maybe they will come up to see you. They will look anywhere to find the best.

To make it in Football you need to get in contact with your local England there are scouts from EPL Football teams at local games and also they have international scouts based all over the world

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Q: How do you get drafted to play professional Football soccer when no scouts come to your area?
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How do you get drafted to play professional Football soccer when no scouts come to your area in the UK?

If no scouts come to your area, you could try to contact a club and have trials there. Though im not 100%

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Yes, if you are good enough and a professional team scouts and spots you, you can play football as a professional (get paid for doing it).

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How do you get scouted as a football player in remote countries?

one way to get the attention of soccer scouts is to play your best game and get assists or goals for your team.another way to get the attention of soccer scouts is to be a team player

Where do soccer coaches get the professional soccer players?

Coachs get their players through scouts. Scouts go out to collage games and watch for the players that would do good on their teams. they also watch tey videos

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You can even be in high school to get drafted into professional soccer, but you can start college soccer in like your first week in college depending on where you go.

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