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You can get drafted into the NBA from Canada similarly to the way that players from the USA get drafted. Several players from Canada have played in the NBA such as Steve Nash, perhaps the most famous.

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Q: How do you get drafted into the nba from Canada?
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How many players were drafted into NBA in 2008?

60 players were drafted into the NBA in the 2008 draft

How old was michael jordan when he got drafted into the NBA?

Michael Jordan was 21 when he was drafted into the NBA.

When was Kevin durant drafted at NBA?

Kevin Durant was drafted into the NBA in 2007. We was the second overall pick.

When did Michael Jordon get drafted to the NBA?

Michael Jordon was drafted into the NBA in 1984. He was drafted by the Chicago Bulls. he stayed with the team until his retirement in 1993.

When did Micheal Jordan get drafted into the NBA?

Jordan was drafted third overall by the Chicago Bulls in the 1984 NBA draft.

How do you join the NBA D league?

You have to not get drafted into the nba

How old do you have to be to get drafted in the nba?

22 if you dont get drafted from your school and 18 if you get drafted from your school

What year did grant hill get drafted to the nba?

He was drafted in 1994.

How old was derrick rose when he got drafted to the nba?

Derrick Rose was 20 years old when he go drafted to the NBA.

Who was the first player ever drafted into the NBA?

The first NBA draft took place in 1947 and the first player drafted was Clifton McNeeley of the University of Texas at El Paso, drafted by the Pittsburgh Ironmen. McNeeley never played in the NBA.

Can you get drafted in my player mode NBA 2k10?

You need NBA draft combine off of XBOX live marketplace in order to get drafted

Who was in the NBA first Kobe Bryant or Kevin Garrnet?

Kevin Garnett was in the NBA first. He was drafted in 1995 and Kobe was drafted in 1996.

When was Michael Jordan drafted to the nba?

He was drafted to the Chicago Bulls in 1984.

How will you get drafted on to the NBA?

To get drafted into the NBA, you have to be very good at basketball. You have to stand out to NBA scouts, and NBA teams will look at your statistics. You have a better chance of making it into the NBA if you go to college, but people like LeBron James and Kobe Bryant went straight to the NBA from high school.

What high school basketball players not drafted into the nba?

All that are not in the NBA

How many players got drafted in the nba on the first round?

There are 30 teams in the NBA, therefore, 30 players were drafted in the first round.

What college had the most players drafted to the nba?

UCLA and Kentucky are tied with 109 players drafted into the NBA as of October 2014. The University of North Carolina has had 105 drafted. The school that has had the most players drafted in the 21st century is Kentucky, with 22.

When was Michael Jordan drafted in nba?

Micheal Jordan was drafted in the 1984 draft

Did Shawn taggart get drafted to the NBA?


Did paul harris get drafted in the NBA?


When do you get drafted in the NBA?

Every June

How do you be selected to the NBA?

You get drafted out of college.

How do you make to the NBA?

You can make it to the NBA through practice. After that you try out and become drafted.

Who was the last NBA player to be drafted to the nba?

in 2010 it was Dwayne Collins from the suns

Who is the oldest player ever to be drafted into the NBA?

Dan Gadzuric was drafted when he was 24 on 2002.