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Q: How do you get black marks off of baseball bat grip?
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Should you Grip a baseball bat tight?


Can you use tennis grip on a baseball bat?

Yes, James Ramsey for Florida State actually prefers tennis grip tape on his baseball bat, and he is one of the hardest hitters in college baseball.

How do you re-grip a baseball bat for a lefty?

umm. its exactly the same... there is no specific way to grip anything in baseball... wow

Which bat hits a baseball harder a wodden bat or a metal bat?

a metal bat because its got a better grip so you can hold the bat harder

Do all baseball bats have a safety grip?

will it depends on what kind of bat u have then you can find uot if it has a safety grip.

Who is baseball bat was Black Betsy?

Shoeless Joe Jackson called his baseball bat "Black Betsy"

What is the grip that reminds one of holding a bat in golf?

this grip reminds one of holding a bat

Why do baseball players put pine tar on there bats?

Pine tar is very sticky and allows the batter to get a better grip of the bat when they use it on their batting gloves.

Is glue just as good as pine tar on a baseball bat?

No. Pine-tar is a grip. Glue will stick. Unless you wanted your hand to not come off the bat...

How do you find bpf on a baseball bat?

The "BPF" rating is stamped on the tapered part of the baseball bat, just above handle/grip. The way I understand it, if your bat doesn't have the new USSSA BPF stamp, its not legal to use in most leagues. Check your local league for clarification.

What are MLB players using to bone their bats when in the on deck circle?

I don't know what your talking about but if your talking about what their rubbing on the bat, then its pine tar. It's a sticky substance that gives grip. If your wondering what is on it while their swinging the bat, its a baseball doughnut. These add weight to the baseball bat so when their at-bat they swing the bat faster. Doughnuts range from 2oz.-16oz.

Is a baseball bat a natural resource?

A baseball isn't a natural resource, but what its made of are natural resource. Some natural resources in Baseball Bats are wood, metal, lead, and plastic (the grip)