How do you get a tie in the NFL?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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Even points after four quarters then no points for 15 minutes

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Q: How do you get a tie in the NFL?
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What is the percentage a team acquires in a tie in the nfl?


Which two NFL teams participated in the last tie?

The Philadelphia Eagles and Cincinnati Bengals played the last tie in the NFL regular season (November 16, 2008 - the game ended at 13-13).

Has there ever been a 3 to 3 tie in NFL?

Yes. There have been 12 NFL games that ended in a 3-3 tie, the last being in 1937 between the New York Giants and Chicago Bears.

Who has the ball in an NFL simultaneous possession?

WR gets a tie catch.

What NFL team has went to Super Bowl the most?

Tie between Dallas and Pittsburg

How did the lions tie 0 to 0 in overtime?

The time ran out in over time their is no double overtime in the nfl ,,, if no one scores in over time then the game is a tie

When did pro football stop tie games?

The NFL has not abandoned the tie game. According to the rules (found at the NFL's web site in their rules digest) a tie game occurs during preseason and regular season games if neither team scores after a 15 minute sudden death quarter. The maximum is one period. With the advent of sudden death, the tie game has nearly vanished from the game but it does happen.

What is the worst NFL team offense performance?

49ers, Bengals, and Broncos are in a three way tie.

Was there ever a 33 to 33 ending tie game score in the NFL?

Yes: On September 20, 1964, Saint Louis and Cleveland ended in a tie, 33-33.

What was the significance of the Pittsburgh Steelers 35-35 tie at Denver in 1974?

It was the first tie game after the NFL had implemented overtime in the regular season, beginning at the start of the 1974 season.

When was the last 0 to 0 tie game in the nfl?

November 7, 1943 between the Detroit Lions and New York Giants.

How many wins in the NFL does mcnabb have in the NFL?

As an Eagles fan I'll be glad to answer this question,Mcnabb's record so far in the nfl is 83-45-1 83 wins 45 losses and only 1 tie