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i am living in India . i want to become a professional soccer player and now i am doing bca i.e bacelor of computer application and now i am in first yr . so i want to ask u that how i will get admission in soccer club? what is the minimum age of getting admission in soccer club ? how to apply ? what is the fee structure?

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2011-09-13 02:32:34
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Q: How do you get a soccer coaching license in Georgia?
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Where can you obtain a soccer coaching license?

yes u can

How do you get soccer coaching license in Spain?

Go to the local sports grounds the football/soccer coach in there will instruct you as to what he/she done.

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What is the LicenseCertification for soccer?

depends on the license and where you live. in the US the licenses for refereeing are 9-1, 9 being recreational and 1 being international. coaching has letters E-A, E being introductory and A being professional license.

How do you get soccer license?

like what soccer license if you mean as referee then yes

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What age can you get your license in Georgia?

To get your license in Georgia you must be !7.

How to get soccer coaching license?

Your local sports recreation department can assist you. Each state runs licensing clinics starting with basic F license (1 day class), up to advanced professional licensing classes. Lou Hegyi

What is a soccer clinic?

A soccer clinic is a group gathering where participants develop playing, coaching and or refereeing skills related to the sport of soccer.

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