How do you get a scholarship for track?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Answer is quite simple run fast !! Check out the schools track team on their web page, look at the best times if you are close to that... it's also about communication with the coaches. Show interest in the school and how you can contribute to the track team. Some schools even post the standards you need to walk-on compared to scholarship. obviously running 10.9 will not get you a full-ride scholarship usually the 10.3 range. I'm a sprinter so i know the ranges.. 200m atleast a 21.2 anmd the 400m 47.00 to 46.8 or lower. It also depends on how much money the team has on scholarships. hope this helps... good luck

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practice and perform very well, get high grades (around 3.5 GPA), and research colleges to find what you like.

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Q: How do you get a scholarship for track?
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your parents are making you do track because they want you to get in shape or get a scholarship

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How fast should you run a 5k to get a Division 1 scholarship?

My estimate of the 5k xc mark a guy would need to get a full scholarship for cross country and track is probably 15:30, maybe even faster. However there are plenty of smaller time division 1 programs that will give you a partial scholarship for significantly slower times. For a girl, that standard for a full ride is probably around 18:00.

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