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You get a point by shooting the Basketball into the hoop.

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Q: How do you get a point in basketball?
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What is a point called in basketball?

A point:)

When was the two-point shot added to basketball?

The two point shot has always existed in basketball.

What is a one in one in basketball?

The one in basketball is the point guard.

What the boiling point in a basketball?

Your butt

How many point do you earn if the puck goes in the basketball net?

In basketball, there is no "puck". You play with a basketball. In basketball, you can either get 1, 2, or 3 points. When you are shooting a free-throw and make it, you get 1 point. When you are inside the 3 point line and you shoot the ball and make it, you get 2 points. And finally, when you are outside the 3 point line you get 3 points.

What posision does Russell Westbrook play in basketball?

he is point guard in the thunder basketball

What is the difference in scoring between basketball and football?

A touchdown in football is 6 points, and extra point is 1 point. In basketball a shot inside the 3 point line is 2 points, and a free throw is 1 point.

How many point line are there on a basketball court and what are their point amounts?


Basketball Three point distance?

In college basketball it is 20 feet 9 inches

Three point line in high school basketball?

The three-point line in high school basketball is 19.75 feet. This is measured from the centre of the basket.

What is the same of mens basketball and women basketball?

everything is the same except the three point line is farther away in mens basketball

Who was the first pro basketball player to make a 3 point shot?

Chris Ford was the first NBA basketball player to make a 3 point shot.

What type of basketball events are there?

There is a regular basketball game, a three point contest, and a dunk contest.

How much do basketball players get paid per point?

5,000 per point

What is a two-point basket in basketball?

Anybasket inside the 3 point line

What is a 1 point shot in basketball?

A foul shot equals one point.

What are point guards in basketball?

A point guard, like other player positions in basketball, specializes in certain skills. A point guard's job is to create scoring opportunities for his team.

How many points when you score a basketball point?

A regular shot in basketball is 2 points, a shot that is thrown from past the 3-point line is worth 3 points, and a foul shot is worth one point.

Who is the leader of the offense in basketball?

The point guard.

What is the meaning of pg in basketball?

Point Guard

Who is the point guard in basketball?

Stephen Curry

What is a 'trey' in basketball?

A Three point shot

What is a trey in basketball?

three point shot

When would a point be disallowed in basketball?

on a foul

What is the perimeter of a basketball?

The 3 point line.