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You score points by shooting it in the basket (not a free throw).

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Q: How do you get a fieldgoal in basketball?
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Can a football bounce through the uprights on a fieldgoal?

yes, as long as it goes in between it is a fieldgoal

Who made the worlds longest fieldgoal?

Jason elam

NFC fieldgoal kicker with a deformed foot?

Tom Dempsey

In soccer What does it meant by a field goal?

A fieldgoal is a gridiron football term.

What is the longest fieldgoal noel prefontain ever kicked?

54 yards.

What is Huskers longest fieldgoal?

57 yards. It was kicked by Alex Henery in the Colorado game in Lincoln in 2008.

Who kicked the shortest fieldgoal in 2012 Super Bowl?

Stephen Gostkowski's 29-yard field goal.

Why do they call it football when you do not kick?

The ball is kicked in American football: at kick off, during fieldgoal attempts, and when punted.

If a kickoff goes between the goalposts is that a fieldgoal?

No. Field goals can only be scored from a scrimmage kick that makes contact with the ground.

What is the height of the cross bar to kick a NFL fieldgoal?

Per the NFL Rules digest the Cross Bar is 10'-0" above the playing field.

If an NFL team scores with no time remaining in regulation do they have to kick a fieldgoal?

No, if the clock runs out and the ball is still in play, a player can enter the endzone and have it counted as a touchdown.

How long is a field goal kick?

It depends on where it is kicked from. It would be the yardage from where the ball is snapped plus the additional 10 yards of the endzone plus seven yards (the typical yardage the holder sets behind the center). Therefore, if the fieldgoal is kicked from the 40 yard line, it would be considered a 57 yard fieldgoal. That's only six yards short of the NFL record of 63 yards, held by Saints kicker Tom Dempsey.

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