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Right now, we don't certify memorabilia but there are some companies around the world that do offer that service. We recommend researching that part of the industry and picking a service that is trusted and respected.

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Q: How do you get a certificate of authenticity for basketball memorabilia?
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What does COA stand for in sports memorabilia?

It stands for Certificate of Authenticity.

How do you get certificate of authenticity on sports memorabilia?

You would ideally need to have an expert in the field look at your memorabilia to determine authenticity and to get a valid certificate. Many sellers of sports related products sell items with valid certificates of authenticity. An example would be who specializes in high quality licensed memorabilia.

How do you get a certificate of authenticity for Hockey memorabilia?

Most of the time, it should come with the item that you purchase

How do you get a certificate of authenticity for autographed golf memorabilia?

You could take it to a professional who studies autographs and get him to confirm that it is the genuine article.

How do you get a Michael Jackson certificate of memorabilia?

To obtain a certificate of authenticity for Michael Jackson memorabilia, you have to find a local musical history expert. They are usually able to create a certificate, authenticating your memorabilia. Depending on where you live, it may be easy or difficult to find a music history expert. A local pawn shop might be a good place to ask.

Is there a company that offers authentic football memorabilia?

There are many companies online that offer authentic memorabilia, whatever you do make sure you get a signed certificate of authenticity. Check out my favorite shop at: There are quit a few online sites that offer authentic football memorabilia. The most trustworthy site is probably www.NFLAuction.NFL.

What is certificate of authenticity for diamond rings?

Your answer depends on who issued the 'certificate of authenticity'. The certificate may authenticate the design, the metal, or the gem stone.

How do you verify a sports memorabilia company or coa authenticy is legit?

Any sports memorabilia that is legit will come with a verification license signed by an agency that versifies autographs and the authenticity of items. Companies that sell "licensed" products and memorabilia must provide this authenticity with the product they are selling. If you are looking to purchase sporting good memorabilia

What does coa mean?

Certificate of Authenticity.

How Do you Get a Certificate of Authenticity for Football Jersey?

It is important to know when an item is bought that it is authentic. A Certificate of Authenticity is usually given at the time of the purchase.

How much is a Lou Brock signed Hall of Fame ballot worth?

It's worth about $75. If you tried to sell it on eBay with no certificate of authenticity, you'd be lucky to get half of that. Source: Huge memorabilia and card collector

What is the advantage of having a certificate of authenticity for an autograph?

Information available on the internet suggests that if the owner of a certificate of authenticity for an autograph was to sell a famous autograph then it would fetch far more if sold with a certificate of authenticity than an autograph that was sold without one.

Where can one buy a basketball championship ring?

Basketball championship rings can be bought online from the basketball memorabilia store called TJ's collectibles. This company has been selling basketball memorabilia for over twenty years and all items come with authentication.

How can one be certain about the authenticity of sports memorabilia at auctions?

It's difficult to be 100% sure about authenticity of any memorabilia online. For online auctions, look for feedback on the auction house or seller as well as carefully view the descriptions and pictures of items up for sale.

What is the highest price paid for a piece of basketball memorabilia?


Where can I find out the value of my sports collectibles?

The service you are looking for is a valuation expert or sports memorabilia appraiser. You can find plenty of businesses offering this service like Heritage Sports Collectibles. You should ask for a certificate of authenticity when you have your collectibles assessed.

Do you need a certificate to coach basketball?

you do not need to have a certificate to be a basketball coach for a parks and recreational team.

How do you write a certificate of authenticity?

There are a number of things that are required in order to write a certificate of authenticity. You should have all the relevant details and most importantly have a seal or a stamp which makes it authentic.

What does coa means?

COA is an acronym that stands for Certificate of Authenticity.

What is the value of an autographed baseball by Joe Medwick?

He's a Hall of Famer from the 30's and 40's...with a certificate of authenticity, it's worth around $200. Without a COA, you'll probably only get half of that. Source: Huge sports card and memorabilia collector

How do you get a certificate of authenticity for Anna Nicole smith autograph?

have you tried ebay

Is it important to buy Tefillin from Israel?

Yes - the tefillin will have a certificate of authenticity.

How would you obtain bids or find potential buyers for basketball memorabilia?

Go to ebay.

What features should I look for ensure authenticity of coin proof sets?

Proof coin sets always include a certificate of authenticity. Do not purchase a set that doesn't have this! You should always purchase your coins and collectibles from a reputable source. In most cases you should receive a certificate of authenticity.

How do you get TAG Heuer certificate 2009?

i lost my certificate of authenticity for my tag watch in a house fire, can i get another copy and at what cost?