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You must complete every task sensei give you. They are very hard but just don't give up. Some you might think are impossible, but that is not true because I am a black belt. Only because I tried. If you try your best like I did and alot of other millsberry citizens, you shall get it too. I wish you the best of luck in your journey towards you black belt! I hope the information I've given you has answered all of your questions.

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Q: How do you get a black belt from the millsberry dojo?
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How do you beat the Black Belt Karate in Millsberry?

Since Millsberry has closed this will no longer do any good however: what you had to do was go to the dojo to start out and get your white belt. Then to gain each next belt you had to complete a task and get your stats to a specific point, then you had to go defeat the game in a certain time period.

How do you practice karate on millsberry?

you must go to the dojo while signed in and get a good enough score that it will count for you then when you go to the dojo and it says you have all the qualifications for the next belt, click on the sensai for the next belt, and repeat

Where on millsberry is it always summer?

the pool @ the dojo!

Who can issue black belt grading?

The sensei of the dojo.

What are the different belts at the millsberry dojo?

white yellow orange green blue red purple brown black i think

How do you get a black belt from the club penguin dojo?

you keep on winning in card_jistu

Where is the secret room in the dojo on clubpenguin?

You have to become a black belt first then you can walk through the door on the right when you click on the dojo.

How do you earn belts on Millsberry?

Scroll down and click dojo. indianajones66

Help with Dojo on Millsberry?

In the toy store. You will find them there. Hope this helps!

Is the secret door in club penguin at the dojo real?

yes but you have to be a member and a black belt

What are the Yoshinkai aikido belt colours?

Yoshinkai/Yoshinkan Aikido Belt colors can vary from Dojo to Dojo. In Japan, you are a white belt until you are a black belt. The color system is American/European, not Japanese. So there really is not a specific answer to your question. Each belt color represents a "Kyu" or "Dan" rank. A "Kyu" rank is any rank which is below a black belt. The first level of the black belt rank is Shodan, which is obviously a "Dan" rank. The color of the belt is no more than a way to identify your rank at your own Dojo, what is more important is your "Kyu" or "Dan" rank. For example, if you had a Green belt and you wore it to another Dojo, they may ask, "what rank are you?" because the Green belt does not tell them what rank you actually are.

Where is the door to the ninja hideout in club penguin?

in the side of the dojo but, you have to be a black belt and defeat sensei

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