How do you get a GHIN number?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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Regardless what other say, I have done it...

Go to your Golf course where you normally play often at and simply tell them you want to sign up for a GHIN, for me i paid $30 for the year so that might be the same there.. and you will be entered into the system and within a day you should have your GHIN number.

For me, I try to avoid the website get a GHIN number stuff as I have ran into issues and before popping out my card, it was just simple to the point just going to the course. If your course says you have to join and be a member(if you're not already)... GO TO ANOTHER COURSE! Shouldn't be a reason why they can't without you joining so be careful of the upsale. My course did for me without hesitation.


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Q: How do you get a GHIN number?
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