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Many athletes and trainers will tell you that a 40 inch vertical is not possible. However, while a 40 inch vertical cannot be attained overnight, or even in weeks or months, it can be achieved with hard work and dedication to proper training principles.

It is easiest to attain a 40 inch running or approach vertical. This will come before you can stand in one place and jump 40 inches without an approach.

You must consider many aspects of training in order to achieve such a feat as a 40 inch vertical because if you only train one aspect it will be difficult to achieve great results.

In last years NBA draft only one player jumped over 40 inches with an approach. This may seem daunting but you should also realize that Basketball players often DON'T have the highest vertical, but they are tall and often have very long arms.

In the NFL combine there are many standing 40 inch verticals, and many more approach 40 inch verticals.

HEre is the best way to get started:

Depending on your sport increasing your vertical jump relates mostly to increasing strength, plyometric, ability, and movement efficiency.

There are other aspects such as balance, mobility, flexibility, etc... That will help you maximize your ability.

Begin your training focus based on your current ability set. For example a strong jumper with little speed, and plyometric ability would want to start a program based on plyometrics while maintaining strength levels.

Most athletes need to start increasing their strength levels first, as there is a prerequisite amount of strength necessary in order to perform at ones maximum ability. Without the necessary strength contraction speed will be inhibited by the lack of ability to overcomes one own body weight.

Strength training 1 -2 times a week is an excellent starting point, with focuses on glutes, hams, quads, calves, and core. Supplementary upper body 1 - 2 per week can help as well.

Plyometrics training 1 - 2 times per week.

Most athletes over tain, and under recover, by breaking the muscles down far too often without a proper recovery period.

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Q: How do you get a 40 inch vertical jump?
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