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He is not on NBA Live 09. You have to create him.

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โˆ™ 2011-05-26 06:26:22
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Q: How do you get Blake griffin on NBA live 09?
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NBA 2k9 vs NBA live 09?

Nba live live 9

What is better NBA live 09 or NBA 09?

NBA 09

What games better NBA sk9 or NBA live 09?

nba live 09

Which is better NBA live 09 or NBA 09?

NBA live 09 better features better online play

How do you get Michael Jordan in NBA live 09?

I dont think Michael Jordan is on NBA Live 09 but he is on NBA 2k11.

What is better NBA live 09 or NBA 2k9?


What is better NBA 2k9 or NBA live 09?

NBA live 09 better graphics and game play

Is Blake griffin playing for the LA Clippers?

yes but he was injured in 09 to 10 season

Can you crate a player on NBA live 09?

Yes go to my NBA live 09 and go to creation zone

Which is better on psp NBA live 09 or NBA the inside?

I don't have NBA the inside but I do have Nba live 09 and its great. Its like the 08 version but with better moves and more details.

How do you get 09-10 rsoter updates on NBA live 09?

I have the same problem. I think nba 09 is better

Is NBA live 09 the game better than NBA live 10?

No i think that NBA live 10 is better.

Download NBA 09 PC?

the nba 09 fer PC has been cancelled by the nba live production company

Sprite code for monster dunks on NBA live 09 for ps3?

what is the sprite code for monster dunks on nba live 09: SPRITESLAM

How much is 2k9 NBA basketball for psp?

there is no nba 2K9 for psp but there is nba live 09


EA announced that NBA LIVE 09 won't came out for PC... :(

Which is going to be better NBA 2k9 or NBA live 09?

2k is the best

What actors and actresses appeared in NBA Live 09 - 2008?

The cast of NBA Live 09 - 2008 includes: Marv Albert as Commentator Steve Kerr as Commentator

NBA Live 09?

its a video game

What games better NBA 2k9 or NBA live 09?

"NBA live 2k9 has better graphics even though Ive been an NBA live fan 2k9 has way better game play" Yeah so 2K9 is better in every way. I bought Live 09 and its good dont get me wrong but, after seeing the videos and playing it i think its better than Live 09

How do you unlock NBA legends in NBA live 09 for the psp?

you beat the game or you get cheats

Will Michael Jordan be on NBA Live 09 as a legend?


How do you do go to moves in NBA Live 09?

it depends

Is there legends on NBA Live 09?

yes you dummy

Can you play one on one in NBA LIVE 09?

No, you can not.