How do you fly fish?

Updated: 12/11/2022
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Fly fishing can be done in a number of different types of water, including rivers, streams, lakes and saltwater. In order to fly fish, the angler uses a fishing rod designed to cast fly line which is rated by how much the first 30 feet of line weighs. A monofilament leader, usually 7 to 9 feet long (can be longer in some situations) is attached to the fly line, and a "fly" is attached to the end of the leader.

The rod is actually casting the weight of the line as most flies are not heavy enough to load up the rod that is needed to cast the fly out.

Fly casting is part of fly fishing and although it appears difficult, is not that hard once a person is taught the physical motions and physics that are applied to casting a fly rod.

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Q: How do you fly fish?
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