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Generally pom pons do not need to be cleaned. If your squad shares poms and you are worried about spreading germs, you can always Lysol them 24 hours before they need to be used. Make sure if you do this, though, that you give them plenty of space to air out. If it's actual dirt on the poms, a wet rag down the streamers will work just fine.

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well when you first get your new set of poms you should take care of them! pom poms get damaged really easily and are hard to "bring back to life". keep them out of places where they could get wet or hot. if they get wet they get sticky and very stiff... and if they get hot the strands on them tend to wrinkle.

when trying to fluff them, depending on how badly they are ruined or "flat" they are, just run your fingers through them starting from as close to the base of them you can get, to the tips. if they are totally flat.. put them in the freezer for about 25 hours. take them out than lay them on the table. go around the poms and stretch out each of the little strands of them. then hang them to dry. my sisters and i use the hangers with the little clips on them.

good luck :)

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You can cut material up, such as paper or thin plastic, and tie them together at one end. A shredder can help if it is a straight line shredder. Take several clumps of these tied together bits, and tape or glue them all together at the center of your pom pom. You can then add a handle on the inside if you wish.

The more strips, the better the pom pom looks.

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Q: How do you fluff your pom poms for cheer?
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