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At the top of your backswing, try "uncoiling" your hips by turning your left front pocket counterclockwise so that at the end of your swing your belt buckle is facing your target.

Well, that's a nice answer but unfortunately this is a wrong one. If you have reached the top of your backswing and are properly coiled and the club is pointing at a point parallel to the target, you are ready for the magic move. If you uncoil your hips without a transfer to the left the result will be an "over the top move" where the right shoulder juts toward the target line and you hang back onto your right foot as the body spins out to the left. Result is a pull slice if the clubface is square and a pull to the left if the clubface is closed. HERE'S THE MAGIC MOVE! when you are ready to start down LET YOUR RIGHT SHOULDER MOVE DOWNWARD TOWARD THE RIGHT FOOT! Sounds bazaar? Try it. The right elbow will move into the side as we all know it should and the weight will be transferred laterally as we also know it should. The butt of the club will start to point toward the target--it's now on plane--and all that's left to do is to straighten the left leg which will then (yes, it's now time to open up) open the lower body as you approach impact. Remember the MAGIC MOVE! MOVE THE RIGHT SHOULDER TOWARD THE RIGHT FOOT TO START THE DOWNSWING...GOOD LUCK, george

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Q: How do you fix the problem of hands and arms moving faster on the downswing than the lower body shifting from the right side back to the left side?
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