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Q: How do you fix a stuck hammer throw spindle?
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How to fix my 3030s hammer is stuck open after cleaning?

You need the services of a gunsmith

Whats a quick fix for starter clicking?

bang on it with a hammer steady as you go and she just may start for you. The bedex gets stuck

How do you fix a plasmacam?

A hammer

How do you fix a front wheel bearing on a 1997 Nissan Sentra or how much would it cost in a shop?

Wheel bearings on the Sentra must be pressed in. The bearings should run around $50 each at the auto parts store, you need two. You will also need 2 different oil seals on each wheel ($10 each). I am unsure what local shops will charge for the labor but I paid $50 for seals and bearings in both wheels. If you have access to a press, you could tackle the job. Ideally bearings/races are always pressed on, sometimes not an option in the real world. 1. If the bearing fell apart you will have one race stuck on the axle and the outer race stuck in the spindle. 2. To remove the race off of the axle heat the race with a heatgun or torch, trying not to heat the axle as much, then try and pry it off (chisel-screwdriver/hammer) without damaging the axle surface. 3. On the race that is stuck in the spindle: Pry out the 2 lipseals. On the outside of the spindle next to the race remove the skinny snapring. Heat up the spindle with a heatgun/torch, punch the race out towards the outside with chisel-screwdriver/hammer being careful not to damage the surface of the spindle. 4.Throw parts away, install new ones packed with grease. 5. new ones go in easier if you heat the spindle. 6. People come here for answers, they go to mapquest for directions to an autoshop.

Is it possible to fix a fiber glass hammer handle?

Unfortunately, fiberglass is very difficult to fix. It may be best to purchase a new hammer.

How can you remove corroded batteries that are stuck in your flashlight?

Best if you throw the flashlight away and buy a new one. As cheap as they are, it would not be worth trying to fix the old one. - wjs1632 -

How do you fix a stuck caliper?

You replace them!

How do you fix stuck impellar on your jet ski?

What to do when impeller is stuck on jet ski

Can you use a Hammer to fix a Car?

it depends on what your trying to fit.

Your boyfriend is an awful kisser how do you fix this?

with a few nails and a hammer.

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If you only have a hammer and a shifter..................... then NO!

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