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Use a calculator

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Q: How do you find your test score percent?
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Misha increased her test score from 60 percent to 80 percent What was the approximate percent increase of Misha's test score?


Is a 95 percent a good test score?

Yes, it is an A.

A class of 12 pupils averaged 68 percent in a test another class of 45 pupils averaged 49 percent in the same test find the average score for the 57 pupils?


If one of your test grade was 97 percent and another 91 percent and your average is 93.3 percent what is the grade of the thrid test score?

average = the sum of the test scores/the number of the tests93.3 = (97 + 91 + the third test score)/3 (multiply by 3 to both sides)279.9 = 97 + 91 + the third test score (subtract 97 and 91 to both sides)91.9 = the third test score

What percent of people have an average IQ test score?


What is the passing score on the AHA CPR test?

84 percent

How can you used the word percent in a sentence?

What score did you get on the math test - a 100 percent or lower?

How do you find out the score of a paternity test?

There is no 'score' on a paternity test. the man is either NOT the father or he could be.

A student answered3questions out of40 equals what percent test incorrectly.what percent was correct?

92.5% incorrect answers (test score = 7.5%)

Had a test with 60 questions and miss 16 what percent is that?

Your score is 73.33%

Is 82 percent a good test score?

yes. 82 % is a very good score. You should be pleased.

If you have an average of 75 percent on the practice ASVAB what will your score be?

I got a 60 on the practice test, and a 71 on the real test. You should get around the same score.

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