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You will receive a letter from the Packers. The letter will contain your position in the waiting list.

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Q: How do you find your name on wait list for Green Bay season tickets?
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How long is the waiting list for Green Bay Packers season tickets?

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How long is waiting list for Green Bay Packer Season tickets?

The average wait is 30 years.

Where can you find the green bay packer season ticket waiting list?

The Green Bay Packer Season Ticket waiting list can be accessed by writing to them with the name, address, phone, and number of tickets requested. There is a limit of four per person. The address to write to get on the list is Packers Ticket Office, P.O. Box 10628, Green Bay, WI 54307-0628. Green Bay is the only NFL team in the history of the game to be sold out on Season Tickets every year since 1960.

What is the cost of season tickets for green bay packer fans once chosen from waiting list?

Ticket face value

Patriots season tickets?

Patriots season tickets are available to the general public. However, there is a waiting list to get season tickets. The average wait, depending on the number of tickets wanted, is approximately 7-10 years.

How long is the waitlist for Green Bay Packers season tickets?

The season ticket waiting list has more than 78,200 names. The Packers tell fans adding their names that the average wait is 30 years. However at a rate of 70 season ticket holders giving up their tickets each year, the wait is probably even longer. To get your name on the season ticket waiting list visit the Green Bay Packer website. Updated for 2009: The Green Bay Packers Season Tickets Waiting List has grown to over 81,000 names. That is an increase of 3,000 names since last year.

How long is the wait list for denver bronco season tickets?

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How long is the waiting list for ny Yankees season tickets?


How long is the waiting list for New England Patriots season tickets?

The waiting list has about 50,000 names on it, and the wait for tickets ranges from 7 to 10 years.

How long is the waitlist for Patriots season tickets?

AnswerThere are multiple web reports that the list is over 50,000 long. So dependening on how many people non-renew each year, it can take MANY years to get tickets. I know someone who got tickets for the first time for the 2007 season. He had signed up after the 2001 season. I had signed up after the 2005 season and am still waiting three eyars later. As of March 9, 2010:The Patriots have 60,000 on the waiting list and a 99% renewal rate for Patriots season tickets. It may take 100 years to go through the waiting list and purchase season tickets.Just as an addition: I signed up in June of 2002 and have not yet gotten tickets as of 07/27/2010. Although I am on the list for 4 tickets. I'm not sure if the larger quantity slows things down even further.

How long is the waiting list for New York Yankees season tickets?

You can go online and buy them right now.

How long is the wait for patriot season tickets?

Roughly one year - the waiting list is some 50,000 strong.

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