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You will receive a letter from the Packers. The letter will contain your position in the waiting list.

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Q: How do you find your name on wait list for Green Bay season tickets?
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How much do season tickets for Seahawks cost?

"It appears that there is an extremely long waiting list to get season tickets for the Seahawks, and even when you are able to buy them, they go anywhere from $330 to $3200."

What is the cost of season tickets for green bay packer fans once chosen from waiting list?

The season ticket waiting list has more than 78,200 names. The Packers tell fans adding their names that the average wait is 30 years. However at a rate of 70 season ticket holders giving up their tickets each year, the wait is probably even longer. To get your name on the season ticket waiting list visit the Green Bay Packer website. Updated for 2009: The Green Bay Packers Season Tickets Waiting List has grown to over 81,000 names. That is an increase of 3,000 names since last year.

How long is the Pittsburgh steeler season ticket waiting list?

As more fans have been added to the list in recent years, the wait time for Pittsburgh Steelers season tickets is now approaching 50 years and there are upwards of 60,000 fans on the Steelers season ticket waiting list. Click on the link below for more information.

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I've been on the waiting list since fall 2008 (4 years) and I am still waiting. Fortunately I got in before the Nick Saban rush. I've heard the wait list is longer now. It also depends on how many tickets you request. The fewer tickets the shorter the wait. I requested 2 tix.

How long is the wait list for denver bronco season tickets?

about 5 months from two weeks ago on a good day

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I have seen tickets for sale at 13,000 euros. Otherwise, there is a waiting list.

How much money do you need to put down to reserve a spot on the Pittsburgh penguins season tickets waiting list?

350 is what i paid

What is the price range on tickets for the Patriots home games?

Firstly, tickets for the Patriot's home games cannot be bought at the stadium, and must be purchased from ticketmaster. Some available season tickets are selling at $1800-$3825, depending on the seating arrangement in the stadium. The Patriot's also offer a service called, "the List," which is a waiting list for tickets and costs $100 per seat that is wished to be reserved.

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