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There should be a number stamped into the frame under the seat. On my 88 its on the passenger side frame rail near the air box and battery. Nine digits all numbers is the SSN, which they use as a VIN.

1989 = 10 digits, coded as below: substract 1 digit.

1992-1999, If 11 digits found under the seat, passengers side, motor mount, 1st 3 are Model, ie.. 300, 400. Then the next 2 digits are the month, ie.. 01-12. Then the 6 digit is the year 7=1997, 8=1998, 9=1999. Last digits are sequential numbers assigned to the drive train.

2000 or NEWER, If 14 numbers found under the seat....., first 4 are 14V...Then the remaining 11 are same as above.


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Q: How do you find vin number on western golf cart?
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