How do you fight like a assasin?

Updated: 9/25/2023
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Q: How do you fight like a assasin?
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Who would win in a fight the main character of ninja assasin or wolverine?

ninja assasin would slit his throat and sh1t down his throat to stop it instantally regenerating

Does Gaara like his father?

No he doesn't really like him because his father sent an assasin after him and the assasin was his aunt. so he really hates his father who treated him like crap!

What is a good xbox 360 gamertag name when you like to kill?


What is enemus?

If you are talking about assasin's creed it is a machine that links your DNA with someone in the past, you then can live and fight as the person and you share the same memories.

Who was JFK's assasin?

His assasin was named Lee Harvey Oswald.

How do you make assasin on doodle god?

Poisioned Weapon + Human= assasin

Is there going to be a tactical assasin 4?

There will never be a Tactical Assasin 4. NEVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What level do your assasin recruits have to be to be an assasin on assassins creed brotherhood?

Level 10

Are there similar games to tactical assasin?

"Clear Vision Elite" is like tactical assassain.

Does the the black widow off the avengers have any powers?

No, she doesn't she is a trained assasin that works for nick fury, she does not have any superpower abilities. She doesn't have any super powers, but she has a gun and can fight like you may have seen in the Iron Man 2

Where do you find the nobody assasin in KIngdom Hearts 2?

you can find the assasin at the world that never was, beasts' castle, and the mansion

What are some similar video games to Prince of Persia?

other games like prince of percia is assasin's creed