How do you fight in Nhl 2k10 Wii?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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it depense wat u mean: you press 1 on the wii remote while your playing or create a player who is a golie

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you do a big hit shake your and then it will show a - botten

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keep switching players

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Q: How do you fight in Nhl 2k10 Wii?
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How do you get the winter classic on nhl 2k10 for Wii?

its IMPOSSIBLE for wii

Is NHL 08 available for the Wii?

No, only NHL 2K9, 2K10, and 2K11 are available for the Wii. The only EA hockey game for Wii is NHL Slapshot.

How do you disable Wii motion plus on nhl 2k10?


Is there going to be NHL 2010 for Wii?

Yes, there is a 2k10 and a 2k11, but 2k11 is the last.

Should you get NHL 10 even though your parents got you NHL 2k10?

Trade in NHL 2K10 for whatever value you can get for it and put that against NHL 10. 2K10 is garbage.

Is there an NBA 2k10 iso for Wii?

Yes there is a nba 2k10 game for wii!!!

Is there any cheat codes for nhl 2k10 for the Wii?

There are a few. I have only found one though. Try "vcteam", it creates a team.

What hockey games are available for the Wii?

2k Sports has released their annual hockey game every year for the Wii since 2009: NHL 2k9, 2k10, and 2k11. EA's last NHL mainstream game that was released on the Wii is NHL 09, but have since then created a motion-based version, NHL Slapshot, alongside the release of NHL 11 on the Xbox 360 and PS3.

Does nhl 2k10 come with a cheat?


Which is game better NHL 10 or NHL 2K10?

I've only played 2k10 but from what I've heard nhl10 is much better

How much do you sell a used NBA 2K10 on Wii?

NBA 2K10 should be sold on Wii for 10-15 dollars.

Can you create a player in NHL 2k10?