How do you fence?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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Fencing is a sport of three different types, or styles of fighting: Saber, Epee, and Foil. These three different styles have different target areas, rules, and ways of getting a touch (a point).


Target Area: The torso, mask, and arms.

Way of Scoring: You can get a touch by slashing your weapon on your opponent.

Weapon: A saber sword is usually the sword you see in movies or plays. It has a bellguard, which curves around to connect to the grip.


Target Area: The whole body, and yes, including the shoes.

Way of Scoring: You can get a touch by stabbing your opponent.

Weapon: An epee sword is noticeably heavier than any other sword. It is basically a saber sword, with a larger bellguard and, of course, heavier.


Target Area: The torso, excluding the arms and mask.

Way of Scoring: You can get a touch by stabbing your opponent.

Weapon: A foil blade is just a bell guard and grip. If you can imagine a sword (with a fencing blade), and a bell guard instead of the hilt, this is a close image of a foil sword. The grip can either be a pistol grip or french grip. This is the weapon I favor, and my personal favorite weapon is a Belgian-grip Foil.

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You will need the following equipment to fence:

1. A chest protector, usually made of plastic;
2. a foil, epee, or saber (the difference is in the size of the weapons and the target areas)
3. a fencing mask
4. a glove for your dominant hand
5. a white jacket
6. an underarm protector

and if you are fencing electric, as opposed to 'dry' -

7. a body cord, and
8. a lamé

Begin with your feet at a 90˚ angle to each other with your dominant foot pointed forwards (if you are left-handed, your left foot should be forward; right-handed, right foot). To begin a bout, put your heels together and point your weapon at the opponent and then into the air. This is called a salute.

Here are several of the basic moves used in fencing:

This is the position generally used when not advancing, retreating, or lunging. Put your dominant foot pointed forwards and the other foot at a 90˚ angle to it. Your dominant hand will be holding the foil and your other hand will be raised in the air above your shoulder. Bringing the hand forward in front of the chest is covering target area; it is discouraged and can lead to painful results if you are hit in the hand with an opponent's weapon!

This is fairly simple. Bring the front foot forward (this is the one that is pointed forwards) and then the back foot to follow it. They should come no closer than shoulder-width. Try not to shuffle.

This follows about the same pattern as advancing, except this time you should bring your back foot backwards and the front foot should follow. Again, keep your feet shoulder-width apart.

Begin by extending your sword arm. Bring your front foot forwards to reach towards the opponent. The back foot should not move. As you bring your front foot forwards, bring the back arm down so that it is parallel to the body.
To recover from the lunge, bend the arms once again, then bend your front foot and bring it back to the starting position.

These are the basic principles of fencing.

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Q: How do you fence?
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