How do you fakie on a bmx?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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bmx fakieRide towards a wall slowly, when your front wheel hits it push backwards while pedaling. Keep your weight central to keep your balance. Be carefull not to lean too far back or forward whilst fakieing, as it is harder to keep your balance. Keep your body inline with your sprocket and just pedal back. Good luck!Or just use a flatbank...
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Q: How do you fakie on a bmx?
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Which trick is easier to learn on a miniramp blunt to fakie or pivot fakie5-0 to fakie?

blunt fakie

What is a fakie pop shove-it?

A pop shove-it in the opposite stance (a fakie stance, hence the name)

What is harder a fakie kickflip or a kickflip?

Fakie kickflips because it's harder to keep balance when landing

How do you do fakie full caba flip?


How do you ride backwards on a bmx bike?

To revert or ride backwards you need to pedal backwards with the chain and the speed of the wheel and then when you get to the right time you can twist around either doing a bronco or fakie or a wheelie around commonly known as a half cab.

What is a fakie on a snowboard?

A fakie is when you go up and hit a jump and in the board you wiggle your board to make it seem like you are about to spin

How do you stop your pedal getting force backward while in a fakie on a bike?

You can either pedal backwards while riding fakie, or buy a freecoaster hub which doesn't require any sort of pedaling while you ride fakie.

Where did a half cab come from?

Steve Caballero invented the full cab (Fakie 360) therefore a fakie 180 is a half cab.

Is there a skateboard trick called caballero?

Yes, its a fakie 360 spin. Fakie meaning riding backwards in your a regular position, then 360 spin.

Is it easier to land a tre flip fakie?

Yes. I'm not sure why this is, but it's true. I can fakie three sixty flip, but not regular. Also with three sixty shuv its I have the same issue. And whenever my friend does fakie tres their a lot cleaner and higher. Hope that helped.

What skateboarding trick should you learn next the tricks learned are ollie kickflip fakie bigspin fakie ollie fakie kickflip pop shuv it shuvit fakie shuvit and fakie pop-shuvit Casper?

variel kickflip and tre flip and variel heel flip and then backside and frontside flips then learn how to do that all off of stairs but slowly and gradually learn those tricks in switch.. If you are goofy do inward heelflips and nollie inward heelflips those tricks are cool. oh and then learn nollie fullcabs and nollie halfcas then nollie backsideflips....... THen you will be cool with me.... answer: and also learn inwardo retardos those are the coolest.. its like a fakie inward big heelflip

Where does faze fakie live?

California, near orange county