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Typically, at any hockey pro shop, there are wooden stick extenders which can be glued in place at the top of most hollow (non-wood) hockey sticks, The can extend the stick up to 8 inches.

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Q: How do you extend the height of a hockey stick?
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How do you measure your field hockey stick?

you measure a field hockey stick by putting it next to your side and seeing if it is the height from your feet to your hip

How high can you raise your hockey stick on the field?

Your stick cannot got above your shoulder height.

What height can you swing a hockey stick in field hockey?

The ball cannot be played, nor an attempt to play the ball made, above the shoulder's height. However, any use of the stick such as the backswing or followthrough can be any height, provided it is not a dangerous or intimidating action.

How big is an ice hockey stick?

how ever tall you are it should come to your nose when your in hockey skates that means it is the right height for you

What is the length of a hockey stick?

It depends on the height of a player. Most players will usually stand next to their stick and cut it at their chin.

What is the length of sydney Crosby's hockey stick?

As far as I know his stick is shoulder height on skates, which is the at your chin off skates.

How high can you swing the stick in hockey?

In all forms of hockey, the stick may not be raised above shoulder height, except that in field hockey it may be used thus by a defender to prevent a goal being scored.

How do you call a hockey stick?

Hockey stick

What do you call a hockey players stick?

(Hockey) stick.

What sport uses a stick?

Hockey as in Hockey Stick.

How long should a field hockey stick be?

Field Hockey Sticks vary in size depending on the height of the person. If you are asking about how long it should be for an individual to play hockey properly... the answer is the stick handle end should come up to about your waist.

How do you push a hockey ball?

Place the stick near to or touching the ball, then extend the arms and stick so that the ball travels smoothly along the ground in the direction you want it to.

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