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Explain the theory of use and disuse

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Q: How do you explain the theory of use and disuse?
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Was lamarck's theory accepted or rejected?

His theory of use and disuse was rejected.

Developed theory of use and disuse?

Jean-Baptiste Lamarck

What idea proposed by Lamrack was later found incorrect?

Use and Disuse Theory

Can adaptation s occur throuh use and disuse?

No because this was a theory proposed by Lamarck who was proven wrong about use and disuse but helped pave the way for other scientist to learn about evolution.

Who propose use and disuse theory?

The use and disuse theory was proposed by Jean-Baptiste Lamarck, a French naturalist, in the early 19th century. Lamarck suggested that organisms could pass on traits acquired during their lifetime to their offspring. This theory contrasted with Darwin's theory of natural selection and is now largely discredited.

Who was the scientist who came up with the theory of use and disuse?

Jean-Baptise de Lamarck (french)

Whose theory was that organisms can modify their bodies through the use or disuse of parts and that these modifications can be passed on to their offsprings?

Part of Lamark's theory.

What is the base of lamarck theory?

The two concepts of the inheritance of acquired characteristics plus use and disuse of traits.

Explain lamarck principle of use and disuse?

Lamarck proposed that by selective use and disuse of organs, organisms acquired or lost certain traits during their lifetime. These traits could then be passed on to their offspring. Over time, this led to a change in species

Who disproved Lamarck's theory of use and disuse?

If I'm not mistaken the Law of Use and Disuse was disproved by August Weisman (scientist) several years after the death of Darwin (late 1800's). Weisman thought that if the law of use and disuse was true, he could prove it by cutting off the tails of mice for 20 generations in a row. No matter how many mice he cut the tail off of, the babies were born with a tail. His experiment proved that the law of use and disuse was false.

The theory of use and disuse?

The theory of use and disuse of Jean-Baptiste Lamarck, advocated the idea that animals acquired characteristics after using certain physical traits constantly. For example, he believed that the reason why the necks of giraffes were long was because they stretched to reach leaves on high trees. By the same logic, the lack of a human tail could be explained by the fact that humans did not use it. This idea is not correct, however, it advanced evolutionary theory!

Has Lamarck's theory of evolution been proved?

Scientists do not prove things. Lamarck's theory is long refuted as acquired characteristics and the use and disuse concepts are not explanations for evolution of populations.