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Do abs exercises like pullups, pushups, and situps, and buy abs, lounges, rokers, etc.

Workout, drink lots of water, cut down on salt, eat only three times a day.

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Q: How do you exercise your abs?
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Which exercise is best for the abs?

The best exercise for the abs is the one for the lower abs. However, the most important is to practice daily in order to have strong abs and never quit.

What can you do if you don't want abs?

get fat... or get lazy... or don't exercise your abs...

How do you get abs when you 9?

Daily exercise

How can you use an exercise ball to improve your abs?

i have had an exercise ball for a long time now and i really like it. an exercise ball conforms to your back, allowing you to exercise and flatten your abs without straining your back.

How do you grow abs?

Well, you already have abs. If you didn't, your guts would fall out. To develop your abs, eat protein and exercise them.

Howe do you get better looking abs?

To get better looking abs you have to exercise more. You can try working your abs until they are exhausted.

How do you lose fat in the abs fast?


What are some good exercises for the lower abs?

The best exercise for the lower abs would be sit ups. Another great exercise that works the abs wonderfully is pull ups. Both of these are good choices.

What is the secret to six pack abs?

diet and exercise

What is the best exercise to tighten you abs?

The traditional exercise would be the sit and crunch . The combination of both because they are simple and effective would be the best thing to do to tighten your abs.

Is there a way to get abs without doing sit ups or any exercise?

Every one has 'abs' to start out with. Though, to get tight abs you need to do sit ups and other exercises. You cannot get tight abs without doing sit ups or any other form of exercise.

Is ice skating a exercise?

It is definitly an exercise, for your abs and your feet muscles. Sincerely, Sasha Cohen

Why is swimming the almost perfect exercise?

because its good for your lower abs ,middle abs,and upper abs.the abs get stronger .and that's a good thing !

Why is swimming almost perfect exercise?

because its good for your lower abs ,middle abs,and upper abs.the abs get stronger .and that's a good thing !

What are some effective exercises for abs?

Any exercise that involves the abdominal muscles or abs will be effective with continued use. Some exercises for abdominal muscles are squats, crunches, the side crunch. There are also exercise equipment made specifically for the abs.

What exercise tones abs?

The Pilates Method is the best form of exercise to tone & strengthen the abdominals/core.

Will pullups give nice abs i mean will it have any effect on abs?

Willups will have a little effect on the abs, as you're likely to tense them when you do the pullups. But nowhere near as much as a dedicated abs exercise would have.

How can you get 6 pack abs?

There are a lot of abs exercise that give you a six pack. One good excerise is the bicycle situps.

What exercises can you do with an exercise ball that will tighten your abs?

A crunch is a very effective way to strengthen and tone your abs. Done with an exercise ball, it will help to tone the area. You can also try push-ups and one-handed push ups on the ball to target your abs.

Why is it important to exercise lower abs?

Your lower abs are an extension of your rectus abdominals or better known as your 'six pack'. When you exercise the bottom half you create a stronger frame for breathing as well as stability to your diaphragm. It gives you a base to work off the rest of your abs with.

What is the best aerobic equipment to use when working on your abs?

The best equipment to use when working on your abs is a large exercise ball, a vertical knee raise machine, and a regular exercise floor mat.

What will situps do in your first trimester?

Strengthen your abs. Exercise is good when pregnant.

Do six pack abs exercise effects height?

No, it effects your width

What are the best exercises to strengthen my abs?

Crunches, bridges with leg lifts and balancing ab twists are good exercises that strengthen abs. If you have an exercise ball, incorporate this into your exercise as well by doing ball rollouts.

Can bodybuilding trainers help you to develop 6 pack abs?

Yes a bodybuilding trainer can help you develop a routine to get you the six-pack abs you want. They will create a diet and exercise routine for you to perform. Abs also needs lower body fat to see. If you eat well and workout with the right exercise, those abs will be strong and visible.