How do you dunk with one hand?

Updated: 12/16/2022
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You take your hand and dribble up to the basket jump with the other leg and have the ball in hand and dunk.

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Q: How do you dunk with one hand?
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What is a hand in the cookie jar dunk?

When you stick your elbow in the rim when you dunk

What is it called in basketball when a players hand is above the rim when the ball is slammed through the hoop?


What are some basketball dunks?

-Single Handed Dunk -two handed dunk -360 Dunk -360 one handed dunk -720 two handed dunk -720 one handed dunk -between the legs dunk -between the legs dunk one handed -backwards two handed dunk -backwards one handed dunk -windmill dunk -three throw line dunk You can also make up your own!!! THANKZ -Brenton Lowe :-)

How do you slam dunk on NBA 2k9?

with hand and leg

Is it legal to grab the rim before scoring in slam dunk?

Yes, it is legal to grab the rim before dunking, yet it is quite hard to grab and pull the him with one hand and dunk with the other. But yes, it is legal.

Michael jordan is famous for what special basketball move?

its that dunk where he leaps from the free-throw line and one hand dunks it

How do you build a dunking booth?

The type of materials you will need for a dunk tank, and the instructions, will depend on the size and style you choose. You can also built a model dunk tank on video game platforms such as Minecraft.

How do you do your specialty dunk on nba 2k11 wii?

First of all make sure you have a specialty dunk, then in a game do a dunk, this will do a dunk and it will hopefully do it. Usually happens on a fast break.

What was Michael Jordan's vertical leap?

His vertical reach displacement during a jump from running 45.76 in., during a 1 hand dunk 41.70 in. and during a 2 hand dunk 40.93 in. These were his results when he was at UNC.

When did carmelo Anthony first dunk?

Carmelo Anthony first dunked when he was 15 in a summer league game. He one hand dunked it at the height 5-3

How do you do a shoot pass in a dunk contest in nba street v3?

You can not shoot pass in dunk contest because one street player is available per dunk.

What is the proper definition of slam dunk?

A slam dunk is a basketball shot. In order to perform one, the player has to jump and then manually put the ball through the basket, while one (or both) hands are over the rim. The slam dunk was formerly known as dunk shot.