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look forward, get in a squat position and dribble just like you would do crossovers, but behind your back. keep the ball as low as possible

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Q: How do you dribble behind your back?
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What is the half court rule in basketball?

dribble behind the half court line.....(not over and back)

What are the types of dribbles in a basketball game?

Right hand dribble, left hand dribble, crossover, fake cross over, between the legs, behind the back, push pull, (right hand and left hand.0

How do you restart a basketball game when a goal is scored?

the opposite team to who scored stands behind the back line and can either pass or dribble the ball forward.

If you lose control of the ball then pick it back up and dribble is that a double dribble?

No its considered a fumble in basketball

Did Yao Ming cross somebody over in the NBA?

Yes, it was a monster behind-the-back dribble on the the other team's point guard... See it in the related link below.

What is the foul when you dribble stop then dribble again?

Double Dribble

How do you write the sound a basketball makes when you dribble it?

dribble dribble

What are the two ways a person can double dribble?

a person can try to dribble the ball with two hands or can dribble then pick up their dribble and then dribble again

What is dribble in basketball?

Dribble in basketball is when you're in the middle of playing then you dribble.

What are moves you can do during a basketball game?

You can use the cross-over (between the legs), behind the back, hand switch (dribble with both hands, not at the same time), and various other complicated stuff.

How do you say dribble in french?


What is illegal dribble?

an illegal dribble or double dribble in basketball is when the player uses both hands to dribble or the player starts to dribble a second time after coming to a stop

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