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Download ares or others and then download the song ( waka waka ) the video

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Q: How do you download waka waka video?
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Where can i download free Shakira waka waka music?

You can download shakira's music on Itunes.

Who were the dancers on Shakiras waka waka video?

Freshly Ground

Who kicks the penalty to open the Waka Waka music video?

Fabio Grosso

What is the website to dounload waka waka free with out membership?

U mean video? If not them u can get the mp3 from beemp3 for free..

Who is the little girl in the Waka Waka video?

Ana Belen Maria. She is a poor girl from Brazil who shakira might adopt

Was waka flocka in Mr fete the video?


Who is the ebony girl with long hair which dances on left next to the Shakira in waka waka video in time 1 min 08 sec?

There are no credit lines for the dancers in the video. And they are not mentioned in the description with the other people who preformed in the music video.

What is the colour of Shakiras eyes?

Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll has got brown eyes, but in the video for "waka waka" she has blue contacts.

Who is the girl who dances with Shakira in the waka waka video on the right of the 5 at 1min 08secs?

Chelsea Traille. She was on so you think you can dance, Season 4

Who is Shakira engaged to?

she is now in a comfirmed ralatioship with Spanish footballer Gerard Piqué he was featured in her music video 'waka waka'

What is the name of the music video where a guy is singing and playing guitar in a white room while a hot girl in a black dress dances around him?

i think waka waka

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You can find the video of machhu dam disaster on YouTube and you can download the video using this

Does YouTube download video players when playing a video?

No, YouTube does not download video players when playing a video.

What is the guy's name in the yellow shirt in waka waka video?

Several people wear yellow shirt including Dani Alves, Ronaldo, Pele, Cafu, and Giberto Silva

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how to download video and you can get me the file. how to download video and you can get me the file. how to download video and you can get me the file.

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we can download video from

Free download Shakira wakawaka song?

first download free you tube to iPod comverter then go to you tube find shakira waka waka copy the information on top open the free you tube to iPod converter pasted on were it says copy a you tube from your browser address bar and paste here then press download wait it finishes

How many times has waka flocka flames been shot?

Waka Flocka got shot one time, look at his video ''dis industry'' he shows his scar from when he got shot.

How can you download a video on you tube and not have to download it everytime you play it when you have dialup that's a hassle?

Get Youtube Downloader. Download the video convert it to a video file. Pretty straightforward

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What music video has a older man with dreads in it?

Waka Flocka Flame- Dreads & Gold

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