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With YouTube

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Q: How do you download short clips of real Madrid goals like the ones in premier league commercials?
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Is Real Madrid in the Barclays Premier League?

No, Real Madrid is in Spain and plays in La Liga. The Barclays Premier League is in England.

What players have left the premier league to play for real Madrid?

Beckham Adebayor-On loan to Real Madrid from Manchester City

Who is the most expensive player sold in the premier league 2010?

It was Christiano ronaldo to real Madrid for 80 million pounds.

How many champions league finals has real Madrid played?

Real Madrid C.F have played 13 champions league/european cup finals. They have won the premier tounament 10 times and lost it 3 times.

Which are top premier league transfers?

robinho from real Madrid to Manchester city for about £32.5 million pounds Robinho for £32.5 million pounds from real Madrid to Manchester city

What team is better Manchester United or real Madrid?

Based on real statistics, Manchester United are better because they got farther in the 2011 Champions league than Real Madrid and they won the 2011 Barclays Premier League, the strongest league in the world; While Real Madrid only got 2nd in their league (La Liga).

Why is premier league called premier league?

Because it's seen as the most prestigious league in the world. It is also officially Barclay's Premier League or the English Premier League and is just shortened to plain premier league.

Who is the only player in the premier league to have won the champions league played in the world cup and Spanish league?

Ha, ha, picky I see! Michael Owen played for Real Madrid!

Why is the premier league called the premier league?

The Premier League used to be called the Football League First Division but in 1992 the teams in the Premier League branched off from this championship. There is really no reason that the Premier League is called the Premier League other than Premier meaning good and needing to incorporate "League" in the name. Note that at the moment the Premier League is called the Barclays Premier League because of sponsorship (Barclays being the bank.)

Barclay premier league and Malaysia league?

barclay premier league

Who is manager o fbarclays premier league?

there is no manager of the barclays premier league or the fbarclays premier league.

Who is bigger the fa cup or premier league?

premier league

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