How do you do balla?

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Q: How do you do balla?
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The cast of Il balla-balla - 1968 includes: Fabiano Corsini

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Giacomo Balla has written: 'Balla'

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Bea Balla's birth name is Beta Balla.

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place = balla

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When was József Balla born?

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Nicholas Balla was born in 1918, in Hungary.

What is the caste of balla surname in andhra pradesh?

people with surname BALLA belongs to CHOWDARY[KAMMA]....these people live mostly in Nalgonda and hyderabad ie...mainly in Telangana and are refered to as gandikota kamma with taguturi gootram.......I even belong to balla family but i live in guntur of andhra pradesh state since my parent settled down here .I'M talking about caste of balla's and i'm not telling that balla is a caste...of course there may be a possibility of balla as caste or balla in another caste like there is also a balla surname lives mostly in the koonasema regions they belong to kapu[naidus].....but or because i'm a balla and since i belong to chowdary caste I'm informing this

When was Thomas Balla born?

Thomas Balla was born on 1936-01-25.

When was I'm a Balla created?

I'm a Balla was created on 2006-08-29.

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Zoltán von Balla was born in 1883.

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How can you be a balla?

You can be a balla by getting some hoes and banging them, then get wrecked by me. you can be a balla when u do more than 2 of your friends moms and get 2 girls to do u at once ; be good at basketball

What is a balla?

A balla is a slang term for a superior ball player, usually a superior basketball player.