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spice it up by adding just a few Break Dancing moves. dont get normal Cheerleading uniforms. get crazy with them! be creative! and add some funky hip hop moves. and the number one thing to do is reassure safety!

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Well if your the flyer you should start by doing single downs. When your bases pop ride up a little and gently pull your arms to the left. In a double down you just pull and wrap harder, once you feel your self do one, keep going, it's really easy, just crank hard and look to the direction you are twisting. Don't forget to stay tight, THAT'S MOST IMPORTANT.

IMPORTANT SAFETY AND LEGALITY NOTICE: The double down is a dangerous stunt that should only EVER be attempted under the supervision of a trained coach and on a matted surface. It is legal from 2 feet at Allstar Level 4 and from a one leg at Allstar Level 5. Rules on DDs for HS cheering vary from state to state but are usually allowed from one-legs and forbidden on Basketball courts or asphalt/gravel tracks

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Q: How do you do a twist up cheerleading?
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