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Q: How do you do a level 5 bar routine?
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How to do a cast squad-on in level 5 bar routine?

yoou have to use your arm strength to push yourself away from the bar. Then you do it again. when you get to the top you band your knees and look at the low bar to place your feet.

How to do a Level 5 bar routine in gymnastics?

heres the hardest level 5 bar i could think of: .Kip cast to handstand .clearhip to handstand .toe of toe on to handstand .plach to handstand .jump high bar .kip cast to handstand .2 giants .on last giant layout flyaway and that's all i know im level 4

What is the high bar in gymnasts used for?

To do flips and things, starting at level 5

How long does a level seven BEAM routine have to be?

I assume you are asking about a floor routine? If so, usually between one minute to one minute and twenty seconds.

What level of measurement is a bar code?

The level of measurement of a bar code is nominal.

What are uses of level bar?

the level bar is use foy level annything .tha science can be explaine

Who is Kip?

Kip is a bars skill, not a person. It is a level 5 skill in which you do a glide, bring your toes to the bar, and swing back up so your hips sit on the bar.

What is the title of the level 4 floor routine music?

There is no name for the level 4 music.

Is there a friends bar in YoVille?

No, the friendship level bar was removed in 2010.

How do you enter level code on Achievement Unlocked?

it easy just go on to level 5 go 2d shapes hold space bar and click on the second last question.

Is Level 20 is the highest level in AQWorlds?

The level bar, or highest level, is currently at Level 45.

Why is it that when you are on level 5 on Moshi Monsters and the bar is full it does not go to level 6?

There may be several reasons why you do not go up to the next level even though the bar is full. The most likely reason is that you can't level up if your monster is not feeling well. Second, the bar may look full, but you may still need one or two points before you can level up. Third, you may have earned your limit of points for the day and need to wait until the next day to level up.