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An illusion is a difficult dance movement. This should be done fully stretched and by someone who can do a handstand. If you don't know how that's OK. Start off by doing a split. This helps because it is basically a right or left split, but standing up. Establish a standing leg (preferably your stronger leg), and a kicking leg(the leg you feel is more flexible) Start with your hands by your sides. Step onto your standing leg, kick your kicking leg up behind you. Take your body and tilt it towards the floor. Keep the leg in the air flexed. Slightly turn The faster you do it the easier. Depending on skill, do a turn. Your leg should stay up the entire time, and the hands should never make contact with the floor. After executing your turn, stand up straight. As you come up your leg goes down. You did it, you did an illusion!!!!

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Q: How do you do a gymnastics illusion?
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