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Start off in a single leg ride. The main battle you have here is getting under that arm diagonal from the side your legs in. Start by hooking their elbow across there back with your leg-side arm and grab their wrist with your free hand. Stay high.

Fight his arm up high and towards you. Work his wrist behind your ear and extend his arm. Here he has 2 options, to fight toward you or away. If he's a fish, and fights towards you, clear your head under his arm. At the same time shoot/mild windmill your shoulder in front of his shoulder while securing your elbow behind his neck. Make sure your leg is in there good and sit towards your back hip on the side of the shoulder you just got under.

It works better with tall lanky kids because their shoulders aren't as strong. If he's smart fights down and away with that shoulder, really yank his arm up and work your head under his elbow. Stay high while your doing that though. When the pressure feels right take a big step too the outside with your free foot. Arch your back until it's nearly straight up and do a big windmill with your shoulder in front of his shoulder secure your elbow around the back of his neck.

You have to get deep enough to be in front of his shoulder in order to drive the weight to his back. Pull him towards your back hip again. Stay on your side and don't lock around his head with both hands until you have the near fall points. There you can chill, your in complete control. Calmly make sure his near shoulder's pinned down, hands are locked up around his head, and you stay on your side.

When your sick of watching him suffer, rip his head towards you with both hands, push the side of your hip against him as hard as you can, and pull that leg you originally put in towards you as far as you can.

Then wait for the ref to slap the mat.

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Q: How do you do a guillotine wrestling move?
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