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first you throw your hand and the ball up then let the ball go

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Q: How do you do a floater in basketball?
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What does wave floater means?

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What is a floater in basketball?

It's a shot when you drive toward the basket and toss a one-handed shot in one motion as you're jumping.

What is the greek word for floater?

The Greek word for "Floater" is "επιπλέων".

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Name all the different basketball shots?

hook shot, floater, three pointer, lay-up, jumpshot, free throw, dunk

How do you shoot a floater in basketball?

To shoot a floater in basketball normally you will want to be in or right around the paint but close to the hoop, the take off like you are doing a layup depending on the side of the hoop you are on but do not take off with 2 feet. After this release the ball in a high arc with one or 2 hands it is your choice and the point is to float it over the player trying to block your shot.

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What is the definition of the volleyball term floater?

A floater is a type of serve. It refers to the way the ball moves. A good floater will "float", or move around while it's going over the net if there is no spin on the ball. It can be tricky to receive. You can serve a floater standing or jumping.

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