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The same way in you would in dance.

1. You start with your desired foot in front and one hand in front and other to the side.

2. Lean forward on your extended foot to stand on you one foot. Place your arms in middle crown.

3. Turn twice.

4. Step in front with you free foot. Place arm wherever they finish (Its Optional)

Note* Do these steps quickly to avoid falling on your face! lol.


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you just have to be fast,strong,and believe in yourself.

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in gymnastics it reallly isn't that hard. You just hav to jump really high and swing your arms in the way that you are going. Hopefully, if you practice enough, you wil make the full circle:)

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Q: How do you do a double turn in gymnastics?
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what is a pib-it turn?

a pib-it turn is a roundoff but doing it forwards. level one gymnastics.

What is the hardest gymnastics trick to do?

The toe on double front rigby

What is a gymnastics beam used for?

to tumble, jump, turn, and flip on

What is a double front in gymnastics?

A double front is a double front flip. However, you should not try this without an experienced coach

Is Melina Perez double jointed?

Yes, Melina Perez is known for being double-jointed which allows her to perform unique maneuvers and flexibility in the wrestling ring.

What is a double roll in gymnastics?

you go on the floor and roll two times

What are single and double turns in cheerleading?

well a single turn is where you turn once in a stunt and a double turn is where you turn twice

Is every one double jointed in rhythm gymnastics?

No! Like regular (artistic) gymnastics, the skills required to do well are refined and acquired over time with practice. While it may help to be double jointed, the thing that will give you the most flexibility is practice, practice, practice! :)

Do you have to be double jointed to go to gymnastics?

No you don't have to be double jointed. You don't even have to be flexible. Your body will learn how to be flexible and allow you to execute the moves properly.

How old do you have to be to tak epart in the gymnastics part of the Olympics?

You have to turn 16 years old the year of the Olympics.

What is a ginger in gymnastics?

it is a release on bars in which you let got and do a flyaway with a half turn and then re catch the bar

What is a heel snap turn in gymnastics?

A heel snap turn is when you lift your foot slightly of the ground and tap it on your ankle leave it there while you do a turn (on 1 foot) then put it back down.