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how do you do a double powerbomb finisher in legends of Wrestling how do you do a double powerbomb finisher in legends of wrestling how do you do a double powerbomb finisher in legends of wrestling

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Q: How do you do a double powerbomb finisher in legends of wrestling 2?
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What is the bushwhackers wwf finisher?

double gut buster

What are all the OMG moves in WWE 2k14?

These are the OMG moves in WWE 2K14: Finisher through announce table (1 finisher). Superplex to outside (3 finishers). Spear through barricade (1 finisher). DDT on ring apron (1 finisher). Boot to head at ring post (1 finisher). Ring collapse (3 finishers and two heavyweights). Spear through Elimination Chamber pod (1 finisher). Hell in a Cell wall breaker (1 finisher). Undertaker Dive to outside (1 finisher as Undertaker). Double Attitude Adjustment (3 finishers as John Cena). Double Chokeslam (3 finishers as Kane, Undertaker, or Big Show). Double Shellshock (3 finishers as Ryback).

What is the difference between folkstyle wrestling and greco roman wrestling?

Greco is no legs. all upperbody, no double legs. floksstyle is highschool and college wrestling.

Kofi Kingstons finisher moves?

Kofi Kingstons finishers are S.O.S, Trouble in paradise and Double leg drop.

What is chyna special wrestling move?

Double underhook facebuster.

What is the best traditional wrestling move?

double leg take down

Which sports are these terms used Bump Double Turn Potato and Tap Out?


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Did undertaker wrestle for smoky mountain wrestling?

No only for WCCW / WCW / WWF / WWE. I also double checked the Wikipedia page for Smokey Mountain Wrestling and they show no claim to ever having him wrestle for them in their five year run.

What is chris Jericho's finisher called?

"All Current"Finishers:Breakdown (Full Nelson Face-buster) NEW! Codebreaker (Double Knee Face-breaker)The Loinsault (Springboard Moonsault)Walls Of Jericho (Elevated Boston Crab)

How do you perform a double arm ddt with mankind?

On Xbox, when you have your finisher, face your opponent directly in the front and go left with your left analog stick and press "Y." On PS3 same thing but pressing triangle..... Hope it helped

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