How do you do a cartwheel?

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From a Jumping Jack position, lunge to one side. Put your hands firmly on the ground (one hand at a time) while lifting your body and legs high into the air. Continuing the circular motion, land on your feet as your hands leave the ground.

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Q: How do you do a cartwheel?
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Is a cartwheel a dance?

Cartwheel is not a dance.

Does the cartwheeling spider cartwheel everywhere?

yes the cartwheel spider can cartwheel anywhere

What is an aerial cartwheel?

This would be a cartwheel performed with no hands.

What is the difference between a Cartwheel Penny and Twopence?

The only year the "Cartwheel" coins were produced in Britain was 1797. The Cartwheel Penny and the Cartwheel Twopence were almost identical other than for the diameter. The Cartwheel Penny was 36 mm in diameter. The Cartwheel Twopence was 41 mm in diameter.

Do you have to be a certain size to do a cartwheel?

No no matter what size you are you can learn to do a cartwheel

What is a cartwheel with no hands called?

a cartwheel with no hands is... A SIDE AERIAL.

Can a baby do a cartwheel?

Can your baby walk? No and you need to walk to do a cartwheel

What are basic tumbles?

The basic tumbles are round-off and cartwheel-cartwheel.

What is a cartwheel called with no hands?

A cartwheel with no hands is called an "Side Aerial"

What is the value of a Cartwheel Penny from the 19th century?

The British "Cartwheel Penny" and "Cartwheel TwoPence" were only issued in 1797. The Isle of Man "Cartwheel Penny" and "Cartwheel Halfpenny" were issued in 1798 and 1813. Any of these coins in excellent condition could be considered valuable.

Where did the cartwheel come from?

a cartwheel came from the envintor of gymnastics....I HOPE THIS HELPED U.

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The apparent magnitude of the Cartwheel Galaxy is 15.2

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