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There are different ways to kick a board in tae kwon do, depending on what type of kicks you are breaking the board with. You need to concentrate, yell when you break, have practiced how you are going to break the board, have power, and kick properly. Here are different ways to break a board:
  • when using a roundhouse to break, you will pull your toes back and hit it with the ball of your foot
  • axe kick ( a kick that is mainly straight up and down aiming for the face), you mainly use your heel.
  • side kick, use outer edge of foot, or the heel
  • breaking with a back, spin, hook and crescent kick you should use the heel
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  1. from sparring stance (left foot forward), facing your target, lift the right knee belt high
  2. pivot 180 degrees on the left foot, bending forward about 45 degrees (you now have your back to the target)
  3. extend the right leg backward (toes pointing down), remain bent over a bit.
  4. when the right knee passes the left knee, twist the hips 90 degrees to the right without moving your left foot
  5. the kicking foot (right) should connect with the target as a side kick - with the toes and heel in a line parallel with the floor


The above answer would be accurate if you are asking about a "back spin side kick."

If you are asking about a "back kick" (dwi chagi) also known as a "mule kick" then there is no need to pivot or turn 180 degrees.

With your target being directly behind you, simply lift the knee to your chest as you lean slightly forward, away from the target, and extend your leg rapidly to the rear. Your back remains to the target as you look over the shoulder of the kicking leg. The heel of the foot makes contact with your toes pointing down to the floor, or only slightly to the side. This could be directed to the opponent's knee, groin, abdomen, or solar plexus. This kick CAN also be done when turning backwards like a spin side kick, but the leg must travel directly under the torso, and do NOT rotate the hip fully around. The toes remain pointing downward as your back is more to the target for a back kick than the sideways position of a side kick.

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You need to make your muscles stronger in your legs and abdomen. For your legs, you should do explosive drills, such as squatting and jumping. Having a strong core is really important as well. In order to kick faster, you need to have balance; a stronger core will help you do that.

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It's hard to explain in words!

Have a look at the link to the video below. It's from our Korean Taekwondo tour. It has slow motion steps you can follow.

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Q: How do you do a back kick in Tae Kwon Do?
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