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For the backspot and side/seconday base, this stunt is the same as a show and go, the main base and the flier have the hard part. They way I explain this stunt will have the flier stepping in, but she can jump in.

Backspot: Help the flier step in as you usually would. Throw her butt in the air and catch her back in the sponge

Main Base: Start with your right hand crossed over your left. Lift the flier as if doing a show and go, only untwisting your hands as the flier goes up. You should be completely untwisted by the time you reach the top. You will have to loosen your grip/ let go of the fliers foot temporarily in order for her to spin on your hands. Catch then bring her back to the sponge. Note: Make sure you do not let go too early and throw the flier on accident

Side Base: You have an easy job. All you do is throw her left foot in the air and catch it as it comes around.

Flier: When you hit the point of extension, or almost there, gently twist your shoulders to the right and look over your right shoulder. This with the combination of your bases hands will be enough to get you around. If you try to whip your shoulder like you do in a prep double, you will over rotate and fall. When coming around land as you would in a sponge. Don't worry about giving your foot to your side base. She'll catch it and if you try to give it to her you'll wind up stomping on her face.

NOTE: ALWAYS stunt on a mat and with trained coaches

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