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Hands first.

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Q: How do you dive correctly into a swimming pool?
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What happens when you hyperventilate and dive into swimming pool?

you pass out

How do you enter pool in competition swimming?

you dive in. there is a special way to dive in called a "start" which if done correctly will give you an advantage over your opponents and help you get a faster time. starts are crucial in a race.

What are the safety rules in swimming pool?

Keep Children Supervised Never dive into a swimming pool Know where you are and where youre going

What are the similarities between swimming and diving?

swimming you have to go in a pool where as diving you dive into water from a height

At a swimming pool what is a spring board used for?

The spring board is used to dive from.

What happens to the equilibrium of the water when you dive into a calm swimming pool?

It moves away from the human anatomy while u dive into the pool. This also decreases the viscosity in the water

If you're pregnant should you go to the deep end of a swimming pool?

No reason not too. I am not sure I would dive off the high dive and do a belly flop, but swimming is good for you.

Water safety in the swimming pool?

1. Never dive into the swimming pool that is too shallow. 2. If possible, swim in the presence of a lifeguard. Otherwise, get some friends to swim with you.

How shallow a pool can you jump into?

If you want to jump and/or dive into a swimming pool, the water level should be atleast 5 feet deep!

Why the swimming pool water gives you a 'punch' in the stomach when you do a 'belly-whacker' and not a clean dive?

their is no air in the water

Can amoeba be in a swimming pool?

Possibly. In some hot pools amoeba are a problem. They get washed into the pool with rain water. If your swimming pool is well maintained - chlorinated correctly - maybe amoeba won't be a problem.

Will swimming get you in shape?

It depends on if you are lap swimming or just floating around in the pool. If you are lap swimming it can work a variety of muscles in your body and if you do it correctly will get you in better shape.

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