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when you retire the side and get three outs then it will go to either the next inning or next half inning

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With a pitcher pitching to a batter who is trying to hit the ball and it starts with either him getting out, getting a hit, or getting walked.

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The first inning starts when the umpire calls "Play Ball." All other innings start immediately after the third out of the preceding inning.

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After 3 outs, this is for the rest of the innings as well.

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Q: How do you determine the start of the next inning in baseball?
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If an out occurs in baseball not by the batter does he loose his turn at bat?

No. He will get to bat again in the next inning.

What is a inning?

An inning, in Baseball, is one round of play. Each team have half of the inning up to bat, and once that teams gets three outs, it is either the second half of the inning or the end of the inning and the beginning of the next one. There are a total of nine innings in a game of baseball, unless the score is tied and that game goes into extra innings.

If a game is called in the 5th inning and you havn't played all your players who do you start in the next game?

Whomever you want

Why is the first baseman always thrown a baseball at the end of an inning?

The first baseman is often thrown the baseball at the end of an inning because they are typically closer to the pitcher's mound, making it a shorter throw. This allows for a quicker and more efficient return of the ball to the pitcher to start the next inning.

What is an inning in baseball?

An inning is when each team gets a turn to bat with 3 outs. The visiting team bats first in an inning, and once they have gotten out 3 times, then the home team takes it's turn to bat with 3 outs. Once the inning is over you move onto the next inning, until you've played the last one. They're 9 innings in baseball.

What do you do if there is a storm and a baseball game is tied after the fifth inning?

The game is then considered suspended and will resume at a later date, generally the next day.

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What happens next inning if 3rd out occurs while batter is still up?

He can't. He can only be knocked out on strike three, tag-outs (which accurs when a fielder with the baseball tags the batter), or fly-outs (which a fielder catches the baseball before it touches the ground). However, if a fielder catches the baseball before it touches the ground, but it touched the ground before it was hit by the bat, then it's still fly-out.

What is the baseball catchers speed up rule?

Catcher's "Speed up Rule": with 2 outs, or an inning about to end, if your catcher for next inning is on base, remove him for a pinch runner and get their Catcher's Gear on before your team goes out to the field defensively.

Would a batter get a new count if a runner is called out for the third out while he is at bat?

Yes he would. Any count that he would currently have will be cleared at the start of the next inning.

A player put into a baseball game after not starting?

If he comes in while his team is batting and he bats, he's called a pinch-hitter. If he just replaces a fielder the next inning, then he's a substitute.

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