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you stick the needle used to air up the ball in the hole and press in till the air is gone

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Q: How do you deflate a basketball?
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Why does a basketball deflate in the winter?

Cause it can

How do you deflate a spalding never flat basketball without removing the air valve cap?

You can't deflate it. That's why its called Never Flat you idiot.

How can you use deflate in a sentence?

The balloon was easily deflate.

What is the opposite of deflate?

The opposite of deflate is inflate, or expand.

Can you put deflate in a sentence?

" The man was trying to deflate the life raft"

How could you use deflate in a sentence?

I sat there and watched the balloon deflate

What is the sentence of deflate?

To deflate is to take air out of. An example sentence would be: "When Cory ran over the nail, his tire began to deflate".

How do you deflate the seat airbag on a BMW 1 series?

You should not deflate it. That is illegal.

How does an airbag deflate?

airrbags deflate buy magic god everbody knows that

What are games to play with a basketball?

you can throw it at your friends face or deflate it. If you want, you can even throw it at a hoop (but who would want to do that?!) the best game you can play is whupa ball

How do you deflate an exercise ball?

Most excercise balls have a plastic stopper - this has to be prised out to deflate them

How do you deflate foley catheter?

You deflate the ballon holding it in place with a 10 ml syringe.

What causes a basketball to slowly deflate over time and continuously require inflation?

not being used and kept in the same place... kinda like an unattended old person

Will heat deflate or inflate a ball?

Heat rises it will inflate a ball. The cold will deflate a ball

Will the lungs inflate or deflate?

The lungs do both. When you exhale the lungs deflate and when you inhale the lungs inflate.

What does deflate mean?

Deflate is the opposite of inflate, which means to fill with air. Deflate means to let the air out of something. e.g. To deflate the balloon, the boy pricked it with a pin. It can also be used figuratively to describe what happens to people when they lose their optimism or confidence. To bring someone "back down to earth", you deflate the person's ego.

How do you deflate a football?

With a needle!

What is an antonym for inflate?


What is the opposite of inflate?


Can you deflate an eyeball?


How do you deflate a blowfish?

Stab it

How do you deflate a girl?

You Poke Her

How do you use deflate in compound sentence?

Please pack up the beach toys and deflate the beach ball.

What causes a bump on a basketball?

A couple things may be causing a bump on your basketball. First, if it was allowed to deflate, the basketball loses shape and this can create a weak spot when its pumped back up. Also, there could be a weakness in the rubber bladder inside the basketball that's causing a lump, similar to the way a car tire can get a lump from age and stress and structural weakness in the rubber.

When your ribcage rises does your lungs inflate or deflate?

As your lungs inflate your ribcage will rise, and as your lungs deflate your ribcage will sink.