How do you defend our nation?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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You fight in are wars

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Q: How do you defend our nation?
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How did Paul Revere help defend your nation?

how did paul revere help defend our nation

How do you defend the nation?

You fight in our wars

Why is it important for citizens to continue to defend our country's freedom?

If you don't defend your nation, someone will take it from you .

Great Britain and France pledged to defend what nation from Hitler?


Is to defend the nation a major goal of the constitution?

Yes, one of the goals.

What nation did the French and British agree to defend in 1939 if the Germans attacked?


What is the role of the navy?

Defend the Sea Lanes of Communication and Commerce for a given nation.

What was Malcolm X fighting for?

He was fighting for his rights to defend our black nation.

What is Kenya's pledge of allegiance?

I pledge my loyalty to the president and nation of kenya. my readiness and duty to defend,the flag of our nation. Haraambee x 4

What is the act of taking advantage of a weaker nation or person?

The stronger person or nation is exploiting the weaker one. They are taking over just because the weaker nation is not able to defend itself.

At what point can the state impose on your liberty in order to defend the nation?

i dont know ask mrrork

Why is money spent on military in the United States?

To defend the nation against all our "friends" in the world.