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If pitchers' team is ahead when he leaves the game (all runners left on base that score, are charged to the pitcher that left them on base), he gets the win. The pitcher must pitch at least 5 innings in a game over 6 innings to get the win. If it is a tie game and the relieving pitcher's team wins, relieving pitcher gets the win. Otherwise he is charged with the loss. If the relieving pitcher's team is winning when he enters as a pitcher and then loses the game, the relieving pitcher is charged with a loss. If the relieving pitcher's team is winning when he enters the game as a pitcher and wins, the relieving pitcher is given a Save.

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Q: How do you decide if pitchers get the win or loss or no decision?
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When does a pitcher get a no decision?

A no decision is given to a starting pitcher who does not get credit for either a win or a loss for that game. A starting pitcher may come out for a relief pitcher with the score tied. Only the pitchers in the game when the final go-ahead run is scored get credit for a win or loss.

When the only run scored is unearned who gets the loss?

A pitcher can get a loss no matter if the runs are earned or not. This statistic is tracked for the purpose of calculating a pitchers ERA or earned run average it really has nothing to do with a pitchers win loss record.

Why do pitchers in MLB have their own individual win-loss stat?

It helps resolve the issue of "Who was the better pitcher?" Win-loss records for pitchers are just one stat (but an important one) in resolving this issue. In 1972, Steve Carlton was 27-10 on a team that lost 97 games. He was great, his team sucked.

How do you assign Pitcher win or loss 6 inning little league game?

The pitcher win/loss count is the same as it is in the majors. If his team is winning when he is replaced, then he leaves with a W, but if any of the other pitchers on his team let the opponents tie the game or more, he no longer has a W, but cannot lose the game. He will just get a no-decision. If his team is already losing when he gets pulled from the game, he leaves with an L, but if his team ends up winning the game, he no longer has an L, but does not get credit for winning the game. He will get a no-decision.

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How do you get wins and losses in pitching?

If you started the game or the lead changes while you are pitching and ends after you leave without a lead change, you get the outcome (win or loss). If the lead changes after you leave, you get a no-decision.