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take a small injection of steroids, it"l make ya feel real good.

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Q: How do you deal with sports injuries?
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What has the author David Sutherland Muckle written?

David Sutherland Muckle has written: 'Get fit for soccer' 'Football fitness and injuries' -- subject(s): Athletic Injuries, Football injuries, Physiological aspects, Physiological aspects of Sports, Sports 'Sports injuries' -- subject(s): Athletic Injuries, Sport medicine, Sports accidents, Sports injuries

How many national sports injuries was there in 2010?

There were about 500 national sports injuries in 2010

What percent of sports injuries are fractures?

Fractures account for 5-6% of all sports injuries.

What are the sports injuries for which Rhus Tox Is useful?

knee injuries

What is a a specialist in sports related injuries?

It is a sports physiotherapist.

Who do sports medicine doctors work on?

People with sports injuries

What are the injuries of water sports?

There are several different injuries that a person can sustain from water sports. You can get broken bones, cuts, bites from fish, head injuries, and there is always the possibility of drowning.

What are the release dates for Healthline - 2006 Sports Injuries?

Healthline - 2006 Sports Injuries was released on: USA: 2 January 2007

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Has there been an increase in the sports related injuries?


Does TENS help with sports injuries?


How Computers are more fun than sports?

you can get serious injuries in sports but not on the computer