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*234# and reply with 1 or 2 or.... depeding on your choice and choose to activate/deactivate it with the reply....

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Q: How do you deactivate aircel sports news pack?
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How do you deactivate aircel music pack?

One can click unsubscribe to deactivate their aricel music pack. This is the easiest way or you could just close the account/system down. You can deactivate it in many ways.

How do you unsubscribe p19 pack on aircel?


What are some sky tv packages?

A few sky television packages include, but are not limited to, sky sports world, the children's pack, knowledge pack, music pack, variety pack, and the news and events pack.

How to activate sms 13 pack on bsnl prepaid connection?

How to deactivate sms 13 pack

What is aircel national sms pack in Tamil nadu?

now RC33 itself you can bale to send local and national sms

How do you deactivate auto data pack renewal in vodafone?

The way to deactivate the data pack renewal with the Vodafone is to contact their customer service. The phone number that they have listed for this is +91 98116 99317. They are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

How do you deactivate 3G data pack in aircel?

1. Activate 3G [By sending START 3G to 121] or [Dial*122*7*1#] 2. You will get 250MB of data for free 3. Deactivate 3G [By sending STOP 3G to 121] or [Dial *122*7*2#] 4. Do the 1 and 4 stepcontinuously for 10 times you will get 2.5GB 5. But after you get the 2 reply's that "Your request successfully processed" and "Aircel 3g services are activated / deactivated successfully ". 6. You can then continue the activation and deactivation of 3G more than 10 times if you want more than 2.5GB 7. This trick is working at 0 rs balance [Zero Rupees Balance] so balance condition isn't required

How do you deactivate airtel auto renewal 37 Rupees sms pack for a month offered in maharashtra?

You need to dial *333*0# and replay with 1 to deactivate Airtel renewal 37 rupees SMS pack. This will cancel the 37 rupees spent per month which was offered in Maharashtra.

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stand up pack - shirtsFlat Pack - sports wear, shirt, trouserHanger pack - blazers, pants, coatsSemi stand up pack- shirthalf fold pack - pants

How do you deactivate 1ps sms pack in smart?

*777*4# or send ACT SMS1P to 53739 its validity is 15 days and its charges is 19/-

Where can you find air Jordan silly bandz?

You can find the air Jordan silly bandz in the sports pack, or the random pack (if your lucky). You can also get it in the celeberty pack.

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